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Why Khabele?

The Khabele School offers exemplary education for students from 18 months to 18 years. In addition to offering the programming people expect when they think of high-quality Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High Schools—early literacy, Literature, Science, and Math, as well as Physical Education and sports—the following aspects set us apart from other schools and make us “Khabele.”

S2_Week13_Web03Mission and Values

The Khabele School is deeply rooted in mission and values. Our vision is to create learning communities in which every student, parent, and staff member falls in love with learning; realizes their profound beauty; and lives with courage and authenticity. Our curriculum, teaching philosophy, hiring practices, and admissions policies are created 100% with this vision in mind. Most schools’ missions focus solely on education. We believe our mission transcends basic education and enters the world of emotional intelligence, character education, and personal development. We believe that academic preparation is an avenue for students to get to know themselves and become their best selves. We focus on the student’s inner world. What do they think about education? Do they love learning or not? Do they respect themselves and their environment? Do they feel safe? Do they see the limitations or the possibilities in their own individual talents? When students feel happy, safe, loved, and honored in their learning community, it produces extraordinary academic results.

Close and Meaningful Relationships Between Students and Teachers

Our biggest asset at the Khabele School is our phenomenal teaching staff. We attract teachers who teach because it is their life calling. They love teaching and working with their age group. People choose Khabele because they feel the relationship between students and teachers is of utmost importance. They want a school that spends the time and energy to find the absolute right teachers for its mission and philosophy. At Khabele, we have created a family of highly qualified teachers who view education as a sacred occupation.

Diverse Options for Honors Students

We believe that early, elementary, and middle school education is best organized in a multi-level classroom. We have structures set up for students to mentor other students. This integration builds camaraderie, leadership, and a culture of respect and inclusivity. We have options for High School students who need academic differentiations, including many honors projects and academic competitions for students who are hungry for more content and advanced curriculum. In addition, we find that students gain acceptances to highly competitive colleges when they are able to take college-level courses before graduation. We believe that this “staggered” approach to honors and gifted programming gives students a chance to develop emotionally before segmenting to advanced tracking.

A Focus on Outdoor and Ecology Education

We believe that students should learn respect for their environment from an early age. We begin in our Primary and Elementary programs with weekly gardening classes. Young students are delighted to build their gardens each year and care for them as their plants and vegetables grow. We have outdoor classrooms attached to each classroom so that certain lessons can be taught outside. In our Middle and High School, we offer an Outdoor Leadership Program in which students participate in monthly camping trips, rock climbing, and hiking. We also offer AP Environmental Systems, and integrate ecology lessons into both our Middle and High School Science classes. Our Rio Grande campus is situated in 5 adjacent historic buildings connected by several decks and courtyards. Many of our classes take place outside, and students get fresh air throughout their day. We have many opportunities for students to complete service projects focused on environmental awareness. At the end of the first quarter we take our entire Middle and High School on a 3-day retreat filled with community-building and outdoor activities.

A Value and Strong Infrastructure for Independent Learning

In our Early Childhood and Elementary programs, our philosophy and curriculum are strongly rooted in the Montessori method, which is designed to provide independent and student-guided learning. Students choose from various lessons in Math, Science, Language, Geography, and Practical Life, and have work periods throughout the day for independent learning projects.

As students move on to Middle and High School, our approach appears more traditional. Like most schools, students study English, Social Studies, Science, and Math every year.  However, unlike most schools, our students also study Foreign Language, the Arts, and Physical Education every year. Every student is also required to participate fully in his/her advisory community, a wellness seminar, and perform community service hours each year. We do not see these subjects as less important to a good education; in fact, we believe that a holistic education is what 21st century learners will need to be successful.

We also have a uniquely “Khabele” program where all students design, develop, and implement an individual project. In the High School, students can earn credit for an internship, teacher assistantship, or a course of their own design through our Independent Study Program. Our overall goal is to engage students in a structured college-prep learning environment while also teaching them the confidence and maturity to guide specific parts of their learning.”

Curriculum for Character Education, Conflict Resolution, Peace Education, and Mindfulness

Week14_Web01At Khabele, we believe that community does not just happen on its own. Just as schools must implement standards for academic expectations, schools must also implement standards for character development, communication skills, and community cohesiveness. To accomplish these, we have a curriculum for character education, conflict resolution, and peace education. Our teachers are trained and prepared to teach not only academic skills, but also these softer skills that make for a loving and respectful community of learners. In our Middle and High School, we require teachers start every class with a mindfulness exercise. Students take several minutes to meditate and heighten their awareness before starting the day’s lesson. These centering exercises help to focus the classroom on learning as well as increase student performance on presentations and tests.

Diversity and Global Awareness

We value diversity and global awareness at The Khabele School. In our Elementary program, students complete many country studies and presentations throughout the year as well as celebrate various global holidays and cultural events. In the Middle School, students take Sociology/Anthropology, Ancient Civilizations, and World Geography. We teach American History all throughout Middle and High School, and we definitely instill a sense of democracy and patriotism in our Social Studies programs. At the same time, we reject the trend in our educational system that has American students graduating without a firm understanding of our increasingly global society. Our students do not graduate wondering, “Is Africa a country?” or “What is the European Union?” Our students learn about the world and are hungry for more education on different cultures. They relate to themselves as global citizens who respect other cultures, and who are curious to experience other cultures first-hand

Approximately 15% of our students are from other countries, and our school community feels rich and diverse. We also sponsor up to three trips per year to countries all over the world.

Stellar Academics

SAT Scores

SAT Summary for Middle 50%
Critical Reading: 670
Math: 610
Writing: 650
Average: 1830
National Composite Average: 1500

College Matriculation
96% of our graduates are accepted to at least one of their top choice colleges, with 93% of them matriculating. The Khabele Class of 2015 received more than $4 million in merit scholarship offers.