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About Our Young Children’s Community

YCCbubbles“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”- Maria Montessori 

The young child is an acute observer with an unstoppable desire to learn, explore, try new skills, and master them through repetition. The Young Children’s Community program, serving children between the ages of 18 months and three years, is designed with the understanding that the young child is becoming an increasingly capable person able to put his budding skills to good use, learning to use his body with intention, ready to expand his social realm and make choices for himself following his inner guide.

The classroom, which we call the “Casita,” provides an environment where children experience living in a community and participating in activities that support their age-appropriate development.

During the first three years of life, the child is gifted with what Maria Montessori calls, “an unconscious Absorbent Mind” that takes in, like a sponge, everything that is in the environment. Knowing this, the Casita guide takes great care in preparing the surroundings to create an atmosphere of tranquility, order, and beauty.

It is our aim to nurture the whole child serving the mind, body and spirit as we regularly model and guide them through social cues and mores in the daily art of problem solving and gracious and courteous community living.  There are so many wonderful and authentic opportunities from them to listen to each other, find their own voice, and be heard.  These are some of our most powerful and empowering classroom moments.

Friendships begin to bud with the expansion of the child’s ability to share what he is doing and deliberately interact with others. Learning to become a helpful friend is a primary focus of our Casita community. Our low teacher-to-child ratio ensures that each child will receive the loving support and guidance that is necessary for him to truly thrive.