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HSBBThe Khabele High School Accrued Physical Activity Hours Program

The intention of our physical education program is to encourage a life-long practice of physical health and fitness in everyday life. In the Middle School we do this by orchestrating group activities that are diverse in order to expose students to many fitness options. In the High School, we think it is important all students have the ability to do something that fits their interests. The activity hours program allows for individual choice, and ultimately builds long term habits that one could take with them into college and a busy work life. Every High School student at the Khabele School is required to accrue 100 physical activity hours per year. Most of our students earn these hours in the after-school sports program, outdoor leadership program or dance ensemble. Many students already have athletic activities they do outside of school like dance, yoga, martial arts or going to the gym. These hours can certainly count as well. In some cases, entire families have gotten involved by establishing after dinner walks or weekend hikes.  See more information here.


High School Athletics: After-School Sports Program

All Khabele High School students have the opportunity to participate in the after-school sports program. At the beginning of each season, there is a two-week trial period. Practices are open to all students interested in playing in the sport offered that season. After the two-week trial period, students willing to take on the challenge of being a Khabele student-athlete commit to the team by signing the Student Athlete Code of Conduct. Teams compete in a league with other schools the Austin Private School Association and other local leagues. Read more about our Athletics Program here!

*There is a $100 fee for participation in each season.


Fall Season: August 25 – November 1

  • Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football

Winter Season: November 1 – March 1

  • Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball

Spring Season: March 23 – May 16

  • Co-ed Soccer

Outdoor Leadership

Admission: OL admissions is based upon application and limited to 14 students, grades 9th-12th. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting in the spring for the fall enrollment (starting late August).

Intention: OL has three areas of focus: (1) leadership, (2) environmental awareness, and (3) specialized outdoor skills. OL provides safe opportunities for students to actually lead – thereby discovering their innate leadership ability and building self-confidence and a sense of connection to people and Nature. Environmental awareness includes both detailed knowledge of and appreciation for our world. Specialized skills include a level of expertise in at least one area, including (but not limited to) minimal impact camping, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, mountain biking, and nature appreciation (botany, bird watching, etc.), where students lead their own trips in their area of specialty. Skills also include wilderness first aid and CPR.

This program is modeled after the Outdoor Education program, perhaps the best program of its kind in the nation. OL Leader David Heroy’s experience includes a 4 week NOLS Outdoor Educator Course in Wyoming, Outward Bound backpacking and rock climbing trip in the Appalachians,WFA First Aid and Lifeguard Training certifications, and field research in Bangladesh and Antarctica. He also founded Blackwood Nature Camp, a three-week overnight camp for ages 8-17 in Hempstead, TX.

Training: Training includes 16 hour Wilderness First Aid training and CPR (taught by NOLS instructors), an extended solo (24 hour), rock climbing, belay certification, low and high elements ropes course, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, using help from Khabele teachers, parents, and local experts. Graduation is also dependent on adequate participation and ongoing commitment throughout the course.